How We Draw Double the Crowd
than Most Lecturers . . .

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All students want to learn these strategies -- but they aren't able to afford the similar public paid programs. They love you when attendance is free.

Professors are often willing to give extra credit for attendance because this is something that helps students in their classes! It's rare if professors don't give extra credit when you use our faculty packet! . . . After we help you build faculty interest, you will be excited by the response!

We give you 30 interesting and unique ways to promote the event which are guaranteed to draw students. You'll see students come out of the woodwork! You get everything from professional large color glossy posters to creative-custom made flyers and many unique avenues you never thought of before. They involve balloons, remote control cars, etc., etc . . .

It's FUN, there are PRIZES, there's INTERACTION, there's MUSIC, and there's LOTS MORE! It's an EDUCATIONAL yet ENTERTAINING EVENT!

Numerous interviews on radio and television, articles in the media, international exposure, and the success of our book and audio programs has sparked the interest of students.

We Supply You With . . .

Posters - color glossy 17x22 posters
Table Tents - different versions of table tents to put on cafeteria tables
Flyers - ½ page and ¼ page flyers already designed and ready to distribute
Professor Packet - designed to get faculty support by building credibility and showing
the benefits their students gain if they attend
Professor Email - a follow up to the “Professor Packet” reminding faculty of the event
and asking if they will offer extra credit
Informative Emails - emails you can send students informing them of the event
Promotion Packet - a comprehensive guide offering 30 more ways to promote your speaker series events! Includes a detailed timeline that is proven successful!

Response on Audience Size . . .

“We had standing room only!”
Elaine Grant - Director of Resident Life, Merrimack College, MA

“This program exceeded our wildest expectations.” (audience of 700 students)
Kathy N. Deaner - Dean Of Students, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, FL

“Over half of our student body attended your program. Twenty-five professors encouraged students to attend.”
Amy P. Wettergreen - Director of Freshman/Sophomore Programs, Randolph-Macon College, VA

“Attracted the largest audience so far this year.”
Jim McGrath - Kirby Program Board, University of Minnesota Duluth, MN

“One of the biggest turnouts of the year.”
Rachel L. Bradway - Student Activities Assistant, Pennsylvania College of Technology, PA

“We had to turn a large number of people away because we were filled to capacity.”
Joseph F. Miller - Assistant Director of Res. Life/Coord. of Retention, Mansfield University, PA

“It is program council history to have that many people who attended your event!
Jennifer Flores - Program Council Chairperson, University of Saint Thomas, TX

"We had the best attendance of the entire semester... "
Mark Ryberg - Lecture Chairperson, University of St. Thomas, MN

"His performance had one of the biggest turnouts of the year."
Rachel L. Bradway - Student Activities Assistant, Pennsylvania College of Technology, PA

"Gary attracted the largest number of students we’ve had attend a seminar."
Educational Advisor - Des Moines Area Community College, IA

"Seeing that number of students show up for an event was a dream come true. What was also pleasing was the positive response I received from faculty members."
David Cucinotta - Staff Associate for Student Activities, Columbia Green Community College, NY

"A tremendous show! Gary drew nearly 400 new students for the informational/fun session. It was a hit!"
Rachel McGuire - Director of Admissions, North Iowa Area Community College, IA

"There has never been a turnout as large as there was for your presentation."
Allessandra Roffo - SGA Vice President for Academic Affairs, Assumption College, MA

"When Gary came, our biggest challenge was finding a room big enough for all the students who attended!"
Robert C. Nordvall - Dean of First Year Students, Gettysburg College, PA

"Attendance for event was outstanding. 450 chairs were set up in our ballroom and at least 50 more were added."
Antonette Advincula, Education Director, Memorial Union Programs Council, Oregon State University, OR

“We had one of the biggest turn outs for a lecture all year!”
Jennifer Rafter, Lectures Chair, Student Activities Board, Seton Hall University, NJ

“We had over 400 students come to this presentation!”
Tim Harris, Director, Student Activities, Richmond Community College, NC

“They ensure that the program is a success on your campus. You get posters, publicity materials and ideas on how to spread the word about your program.”
Lacey Benz, Social and Contemporary Issues Chair, Residence Hall Association, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, WI


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