About Mindy Hurt:

Mindy Hurt is an internationally recognized speaker, facilitator, and personal coach. Her dynamic, interactive presentation style combined with her enthusiasm, playfulness, and expertise in brain-based learning has created entertaining and meaningful experiences for audiences in more than 36 states and 3 countries.

A former radio personality, Mindy has been sharing her passion and talent for leading life-empowering programs with thousands of students since 1996. She is the author of “Destiny Points: Decisions for Success in College & Beyond” and now helps students maximize their learning potential as a presenter for The Society of Success and Leadership.

Mindy is an award-winning speaker with Toastmasters International, an active leader in AEE (Association for Experiential Education), and a member of the Washington DC chapter of ASTD (American Society for Training and Development). She holds a degree in Communications from Texas Tech University, and maintains Master Practitioner Status in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Programmer & Faculty Testimonials

“Mindy truly has a desire to positively impact each person she encounters. She made a great effort to get to know the students on a personal level outside of the planned program. She connected with them! She made them think, dream, and conquer fears!”
(Keri Rogers, Director, Jack B. Kelly Student Center, West Texas A&M)
“It was the best workshop for me of the conference. I hope you can continue doing these to help other institutions.”
(Career Colleges Conference)
“Mindy Hurt is a poised, articulate, competent facilitator!”
(Brenda Gulledge, Supervisor of Instruction, Board of Education, Dresdon, TN)
“Thank you for being a presenter at Harry S. Truman High School… Your presence helped attract over sixty teachers from surrounding counties. We have received very positive comments about the day. Without you that could not be possible.”
(Thomas Lear, Bucks County Schools, Doylestown, PA)

Corporate Testimonials

“On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being excellent, Mindy was a 15!”
(Carolyn Burks, Savannah, GA)
“Mindy was exceptional! She was informative, upbeat, and presented examples that applied to me. I’ve been to several conferences throughout my career, and she was by far the best!!”
(Mary Szarejko, Syracuse, NY)
“Mindy is probably one of the best leaders I have ever seen in a course of this nature. She is knowledgeable, clear, and does not talk over our heads. She is excellent!”
(Kathleen Chicoine, Center for Community Dental Health, Portland, ME)
“I have been to many seminars. This was by far, the most informative and exciting seminar I have ever attended. NEVER BORING!! Mindy’s demeanor and personality was perfect for the subject matter. Thank you. I learned a lot.”
(Linda Brown, US Postal Service, Memphis, TN)
“Best presenter of any of the many seminars I’ve attended. Mindy personified the seminar’s topic: an effective communicator. She projects a professional, intelligent image with a progressive, contemporary style.”
(Caffco International)
“I am a teacher by profession, and the quality of the content was exceptional for my needs. I have “learned” so much. I’m also motivated to be a better teacher myself. Thank you.”
(Name withheld)
“The content was perfect. Mindy Hurt was impeccable. She knows her topic inside and out. She is very friendly and personable and entertaining. She held my attention the entire time.”
(Angela Yarbrough, Fabre Engineering, Pensacola, FL)
“(Mindy Hurt) was very knowledgeable and did a great job of stimulating ideas from the group.”
(Betsy Spivey, Montgomery, AL)
“By the end of the day, I felt like I had been in class all day with a friend.”
(Rebecca Sutherland, Federal Express, Memphis, TN)
“This is the first seminar I’ve totally enjoyed. I had a marvelous time. Kudos for marvelous subject and buoyant leader!! Heartfelt thanks, Mindy!!”
(Name Withheld, Fabre Engineering, Inc.)
“The time flew by and I wanted to stay and learn more!”
(Judy Harwood, US Navy, Millington, TN)
“Mindy is an excellent facilitator. I have done a great deal of training and I know how challenging it is to stay fresh and vibrant about what you are repeatedly presenting. She has this in her back pocket.”
(Pat Rowland, Jaffe Auerbach Advising Group, Memphis, TN)
“Mindy has an unbelievable grasp of the topic. She knew the answer for each and every question asked (amazing). Her delivery was easily the best I have seen (and I’ve seen plenty). Overall – super!”
(James Lewis, NECA, Montrose, PA)


Comments from Students and Faculty at a Couple of Recent Presentations

“It’s impossible not to leave with a good feeling.”
(Kim Freeman, Cadiz, KY. Murray State University)
“The energy of the program was like no other program I have been part of. Mindy really connected with the group and became a part of us.”
(Brandon Powell, Hopkinsville, KY, Murray State U)
“Mindy was fantastic. She related to the students so well. Out of all the activities that went on this weekend, I loved her sessions the best.”
(Kayla Wyly, Friona, TX, West Texas A&M)
“The way I view my life has changed…”
(Scott Danner, Woodlawn, IL, Murray State U)
“You totally helped us to look deep within our hearts and find things that we have shut out.”
(Faith Terry, Murray State University)
“I would recommend this program to everyone, especially those who need a shot of motivation.”
(Billy Hansen, St. Louis, MO, Murray State U)
“I wish so bad that I could wrap up Mindy and take her among my family and friends for Thanksgiving. WOW – would we grow!”
(Julie Janes, Louisville, KY, Murray State)
“Mindy was great! She gave us a lot of great ideas and experience.”
(University of Tennessee)
“I would recommend this to the world…”
(Joshua Rose, Salem, IL, Murray State U)

“The program was really, really awesome. I’ve never experienced anything like it.”
(University of Tennessee)

“It was very inspirational. You learn so much, it was overwhelming in the best possible way.”
(Annie Lannon, Floyds Knobs, IN, Murray State U)
“Mindy, you allowed us to be ourselves and create a team. It was GREAT!!”
(Sara Bailey, Waterloo, IL, Murray State U)


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