On The Edge: Living Life with No Excuses!™


This is a presentation that awakens people to life. This program gets people to break through their self-imposed boundaries, fears, limitations and restrained way of living, so that they can live more complete lives, going for and experiencing the things they want.


"If you remembered the most incredible moments of your life, how many of those times were you sitting on a couch watching television?"

- Ray Zuppa


Overview -- On The Edge, Excuses, and Comfort:

On the Edge is where you live life completely. It’s where you take risks and go for the things you want. It’s a way of living where you are liberated from your own limitations and no longer prisoner to them -- where you no longer let the artificial constraints and restraint thinking hold you back. It’s an awakening to living your life the way it was meant to be lived.

It’s about living every moment of your time here on earth, making every play you live out, the best possible play so you get the most out of life.

Excuses are an automatic process of your mind reacting to your environment which limit you from living. Their source is comfort. We don’t act because we don’t want to be uncomfortable, and then we make excuses to rationally justify why we didn’t act. When we kill the comfort, excuses die off – and we give birth to a new limitless life.


"People are unhappy with their lives because they aren’t living completely.

People don’t live completely because they don’t take risks.

People don’t take risks because they don’t want to face the fear.

People don’t face the fear because it’s uncomfortable.

People are controlled by comfort."

While comfort is the root of much of our dissatisfaction with our lives, living on the edge brings us away from comfort enabling us to live life more freely, from which comes lasting happiness. On The Edge: Living Life with No Excuses gets you to live life more completely –it’s a workbook for living life. Happiness doesn’t come in a book. It comes from a way of living life.

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