"Life is the accumulation of experiences. Experience these books, and your life will be much better as a result of it."

-- Gary Tuerack                 

Some people come across good things in life and want to share those good things with others.

Here I'd like to do just that -- I'm going to recommend just a few absolutely incredible books I've read which have made a profound impact on my success, as well as the success of some of America's wealthiest and highest achievers. I know many other speakers/authors give long lists of recommended reading, and people usually never read any of them. The reason I know is because I was just a student myself. Don't get me wrong, I had all the intention in the world of reading these books, but whenever I got a long list, I never quite got to it. Somehow it just never happened.

In reading the many books on the market the past few years, I've come across some that I would say that are absolutely incredible. The information I've gained from these few special books has been so valuable, that I feel they should be mandatory reading for all students in school. But schools don't operate that way. They don't operate on learning the practical, useful information that students want to learn. I've had to trek through literally hundreds of books to find a few that I thought were powerful, entertaining, fun, well written, impressively practical, and inspiring all at the same time. Only a few books written have lived up to these standards. These few books share information we may use to immediately improve our lives in some giant way. So, out of the top 24 books I'd recommend, I've narrowed the list to 10 that are an absolute "must read."

These 10 books are the most powerful, most interesting, most life changing books that you will probably ever read -- they will change the way you look at life, and bring your life to the next level. These will make not just a small difference in your success, but a gigantic difference in your life. And out of these 10 superb books, there is one which stands out as the best of the best. You must get your hands on this one book as soon as possible, if you haven't already. The formula outlined in this book will enable you to get anything you want out of life, whether it be money, incredible relationships, dreams of becoming the best sports player, anything -- as long as you read and follow the formula outlined in the book.

This exceptional book, Think and Grow Rich, is by an extraordinary man named Napoleon Hill. This book is not just about getting rich, it's about getting whatever you want in life. This book is the grandfather off all self-help books -- it pretty much all started here. And this book is as outstanding and relevant today as when it was when first written.

The author of this book studied the most successful people of his time (Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, ...). Based his research, he discovered what makes people extraordinarily successful. He put together a formula based on this research, which if you apply, will help you attain outstanding success.

This book will motivate you, but it's much more than pure motivation. After reading the book, you'll know what to do to live these qualities highly successful people. Those that live the content of this book, rather than just reading it, end up being highly successful. After reading it, you'll understand why, with your new found insights.

This is a book that you'll want to mark up as you go along, and look back over again and again. I challenge you to get this book today and begin reading the first chapter by midnight! You will be glad you did.


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