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What if there was an untapped power inside of you waiting to be discovered? What if this hidden power could deliver you the life of your dreams? Garrison Cohen has tapped the source of the SuperHero mind and in less than two hours he will have your students ready to take on their lives in a way they never thought possible.

In this interactive presentation, your students will:

  • Experience the inspiration to lead an incredible life

  • Learn to turn fear into power

  • Reveal their own unique abilities

  • Discover the secrets of unstoppable people

Garrison will have your audience on the edge of their seats. You’ll be impressed at how much your students learn during this fun and highly interactive program.
Based on the study of multiple intelligences and using real life examples, Garrison takes the audience through a process in which their greatest strengths, gifts and abilities are discovered.
Students gain a unique perspective of themselves as action oriented community leaders.

Through an experiential process, students learn to tap their inner strengths and excel in a world where their greatest talents are utilized and rewarded!
Garrison uses his super powers to render audiences awe-struck and amazed by their own hidden potential. With his natural enthusiasm and playful ability to interact with the audience, he truly understands what is important to students today. Garrison draws upon an interactive mix of comedy, magic, prizes, inspirational stories, multimedia visuals and the all-powerful vision of how each of us can experience our SuperHero within!

Discover your powers.
Get a cool job.
Have a great life.

Brief Bio on Superhero Creator and Presenter Garrison Cohen

Since 1990 Garrison has been presenting professionally. As Tuerack Training’s highest ranked international presenter he has led week-long motivational retreat programs around the world and spoken to over 50 thousand students in the last 5 years. His skills have been requested worldwide from Alaska to Singapore and he has masterfully infused his experience as an internationally honored film maker and published poet with the craft of presenting.


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