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Discover What Colleges are Raving About. And Why They are Bringing Us Back Each Year . . .

Better Grades in Less Time has been presented to thousands of students, from small groups to audiences of over 1,600. Some universities recently asking for this program include Harvard University, Cornell University, Boston University, MIT and Tufts. The American Seminar Leaders Association calls Gary Tuerack, the author of Better Grades in Less Time, "One of the world's most respected authorities and trainers on faster reading and mental power development."

As a child, Gary was an extremely slow reader and struggled in school. In order to overcome this difficulty, he developed a way to triple his reading speed, increase his grades, and is now an IVY League graduate. Today Gary Tuerack and his other highly trained presenters speak at universities and colleges around the country showing students how to save hours of wasted time through reading faster and increasing comprehension, in an engaging and interactive presentation. Students increase their concentration, their grades, their reading ability, and their desire to succeed in life. It's interactive, uplifting, and educational! See it for yourself.

   This program is:
Fun - Credible - Interactive - Proven

This program integrates:
Prizes - Music - Magic - Multi-media Visuals - Motivation  

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This is not a study skills workshop or lecture -- it's a dynamic educational program, by nationally known presenters who receive standing ovations from students!

Find out why this program is one of the most sought after events on the college circuit!


Some habits you learn to break:

  • "Mind-wandering" and lack of concentration
  • Having to re-read sentences and paragraphs
  • Feeling sleepy when reading
  • Not finishing all your reading on time
  • Saying each word to yourself while reading
  • Reading for words, instead of ideas
  • Putting off reading assignments, because they seem too large

You’ll Learn:
  • The foods affecting your concentration
  • How to increase long term retention
  • The secrets of 4.0 students
  • How to increase your reading speed
  • Techniques for improving memory


Benefits experienced by students attending the program:

  • Strengthened understanding of written material
  • Enhanced concentration when studying
  • Ability to read everything quickly and understand it
  • Better test taking skills
  • Reduced tension and stress

Hundreds of schools have already taken advantage of this program. This program helps students now, and for the rest of their lives.

This program gets great responses:

  • At Campus Wide Events - All Year Long, a terrific entertaining evening event for your students.
  • Before Finals and Midterms - Always a large turnout! Helps students when they need it most.
  • Leadership Retreats - Perfect for student leaders who need to maximize their time. Greek events, RA's, Orientations Leaders etc.
  • Orientations - Great at the beginning of the year; gets students interested in attending future events because they have a good time and get so much out of it.

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