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If you're reading below 300 word per minute, you'll never accomplish all the reading you've got to do in college. Practice the techniques in this booklet, and you will double your reading speed just like thousands of students I've have already helped.

You read about 6,000,000 pages over the course of college. At 250 words a minute, you'll spend 400 hours reading. When you double your speed, you will create 200 hours of free time. You can take up guitar, take up a job (at $6 hr you could make $1,200 in the time you save), or have time to travel to another country with the time you saved. With the extra money you can buy yourself a nice stereo system with surround sound, take your date to a great restaurant, buy that special someone a gift. How about 200 more hours to party, free time, just by learning to double your reading speed?

Practicing these techniques and you will be reading at twice to triple your reading speed, depending on how focused you are and how much you desire to improve. It is possible that it will take you less than a week to triple your speed, if you continue to practice these simple techniques every day for at least five minutes a day. That's all it takes, but it's important that you do practice every day. It's like anything else, you've got to practice before it becomes natural. Soon it's gonna be like chewing gum -- you'll start reading faster without even thinking about it.

You know the funny thing is that there are people reading this, people reading right now, who are not going to practice. They'll stay at the same slow speed. They won't find time to do the 5 minute exercise -- they will keep putting it off. If you knew that someone was going to hand you $238 dollars every day if you practiced your technique for five minutes, would you go home tonight and practice it? You bet we all would! That's what it comes down to. Practicing the technique for 5 minutes a day over the course of a week, and that doubling your speed saves you $1,200 (it comes to about $238 for each day of practice). It's worth it to practice each day for a week and see if it works.

Are you going to practice? This is the test, because the people that practice today are the ones who will benefit. If you answered yes, commit to it. You have a purpose. Make sure you stick to it. Only you can assure your own success.

The reason I try and persuade you to practice the technique every day for the next seven days is that most people, if they weren't persuaded, would just read the technique, not practice it, and miss out on all the benefits. This technique helped me triple my speed, and I want you to double or triple your speed too. I don't want you to miss out on this. I mentioned the financial numbers of how much money you can save, to show you what you can gain from reading faster; I show them to you so that you are convinced, and have enough leverage against yourself to make yourself practice these techniques.

Here's what you get in simple terms for math majors:

You read 6 million words in college. 6 million/ 250 wpm = 400 hours. If you double your speed, which you will if you practice the techniques, you will save 200 hours. At $6/hr = $1,200.

If you figure you do 4 hours of work a day, then that's 50 extra days you don't have to do work. There's only one catch. You've got to do the work and practice! That's what's so great about it, it's all up to you to determine your own success. The question is, are you dedicated enough to find the 5 minutes each day to practice? If yes, then get ready for some exciting information, and continue to read . . .


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