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My first objective in teaching a student to speed read is to Convince You that You Can Read Faster -- because you can, and believing you can is the first step in being able to read faster.

Now I'm thoroughly convinced that you will be reading faster if you continue to practice the techniques in this book, not just because I have tripled my speed, but because of the all the people I've worked with that have doubled and tripled their speed. When I first started teaching others speed reading, I worked with the girl across the street and she tripled her speed. I worked with fraternity brothers at college and they doubled their speed, I worked with little cousins, older uncles, I went to an old age homes and worked with senior citizens. I even went into the jails and worked with the inmates.

Everywhere I could find an audience, I worked with them and doubled or tripled their reading speed. This got me excited and drove me on to speak to even more people. Everywhere I saw an opportunity to speak, I was there. I formed groups, had them all meet together, and took the platform. Before I knew it, groups were asking me to speak, seeking me out to speak for their organization, club, institution, learning center, and school. I took every opportunity to speak, and used it to enhance my presentation ability and the information I impart. My knowledge of speaking and helping others increased rapidly. From this experience speaking to groups about positive techniques they could use to improve their lives, came the very popular seminar given at high schools and colleges "Better Grades in Less Time: a Motivational Assembly Presentation." This seminar is now presented all over the Unites States.

I was pleasantly surprised and delighted with the phone calls I started receiving from high school principles, teachers, administrators, college students, and academic deans, asking me to speak at their schools. The demand was greater than I could meet personally, so I decided to create this book and cassette tape program which could be distributed in school libraries and book stores around the country. I've been excited about this project because now students all across the world can continually benefit from this research and knowledge.

I receive a tremendous feeling when I find out the news that someone else who's been exposed to my program has changed their life in some positive dramatic way. The greatest gift is to be contributing to helping others daily. I hope I have given to you during our journey together, something which will help you for the rest of your life. And I hope from the knowledge you've gained here, that you will take it upon yourself to share this new knowledge with your friends and family so that they may benefit as well.

Philosophy for speeches at all schools:

Let's work to help the future leaders of our world. My philosophy is that learning should be fun. Students not only learn, but laugh through a program of motivation, education, and laughter.

Results I aim to achieve:

1. Empower students to read faster, and instill confidence in them that they can accomplish great things.

2. Give students the tips they need for high achievement in school, and give them the confidence that they can get high grades.

3. Have students leaving my presentations not only knowing what to do to get better grades, but using the techniques to take control of their grades, their time, and the quality of their life in general.

4. Have students leaving their experience with me, with a desire to start going after their dreams that they have been possibly talking themselves out of.

5. Motivate students to want to help others in some way. Have them start the attitude of giving, by having students share the techniques they've learned here with others.

The clock is ticking, and our lives our passing, right now as you're reading. What will you do with the time you have? I hope your life is better having spent some time here with me. And I hope you spend the time you have, not wasting it because of fear, but pursuing and experiencing the things you want most. Start making things happen by taking action towards those things you want, right now.


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