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Everybody Listens to Somebody, but Nobody Knows

Everybody was going somewhere fast,

but Nobody knew where he was going.

Nobody asked Everybody where he was going,

and Everybody had one reply,

That he knew he was going, just didn't know where

that Somebody had shown him to somewhere.

This somewhere of Somebody is nowhere for Everybody,

Nobody knows that, it's clear.

But Everybody listens to the somewhere of Somebody,

and so he ends up going nowhere.

Somewhere, sometime, Nobody replied,

Everybody will see that Nobody knows,

that Somebody will lead them Somewhere which is Nowhere,

if Everybody doesn't choose Somewhere himself.

-- Gary Tuerack

Understand this, really understand this, and you are ready for college. College is full of abstract ideas and concepts. Reread this, see if you can get any more from it. College is about struggling to understand, not getting it the first time. It's about learning more the closer you look, and it's about growing and finding your own direction; it's about not being Everybody, sometimes listening to Somebody, and many times listening to Nobody, to find your own Someplace in the world!

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