Garrison Cohen, Award-Winning Presenter with an Energizing Presentation Style!

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About Garrison Cohen:

Garrison Cohen blends humor, personal interaction, multi-media, stories, and magic into his programs as he shares with students cutting edge information on maximizing time and enhancing their ability to learn. During this highly interactive presentation, you’ll be impressed with how much students learn and how much fun they have at the same time.

Garrison Cohen has presented life-changing programs to students since 1990. As Tuerack Training’s highest ranked international presenter, he has led week-long motivational retreat programs around the world and spoken to over 50 thousand students in the last 5 years. His program has been presented at notable schools, such as Harvard, Cornell, and MIT. While presenting primarily across the United States, he has been requested to present in far reaching places such as Singapore.

Garrison is also an award-winning filmmaker, and expresses his thoughts in such a way that audiences are drawn in and highly engaged. Garrison Cohen presently tours the country presenting before executives, college students, and middle/high school students delivering the presentations "Better Grades in Less Time™" and “Super Hero Leadership Training.”



Here is why organizations are RAVING about Garrison Cohen!  

"We want to thank you for the explosive presentation you gave us here at Columbus State University. Students are still raving about it!"
Elisa Williams
Cultural Affairs Chair
Columbus State University
"A tremendous show! Garrison Cohen drew nearly 400 new students for the informational/ fun session. It was a hit!"
Rachel McGuire
Director of Admissions
North Iowa Area Community College
"There has never been a turnout as large as there was for your presentation. People are still coming to me and commenting on how good the presentation was."
Allessandra Roffo
SGA Vice President for Academic Affairs
Assumption College
"The students that attended the program can not stop talking about it. 200 fraternity/sorority new members never stopped paying attention. Garrison quickly won them over and were hanging on his every word."
Brian Mauro
Director of Leadership Development
Muhlenberg College
"When Garrison Cohen came, our biggest challenge was finding a room big enough for all the students who attended! They recommended that we bring him back!"
Robert C. Nordvall
Dean of First Year Students
Gettysburg College
"Garrison Cohen was very easy to work with and extremely interactive with our students. Students have asked to have the program return during the spring semester."
Ryan VanAmburgh
President of the College Activity Board
Adirondack Community College
"Because of Garrison’s enthusiasm, the audience participation was exceptional. Participants learned how to read and comprehend at higher speeds. After the performance, we had faculty and students approach us and comment on how they enjoyed themselves."
Eric Johnson
Fine Arts and Lecture Chairperson
Salt Lake Community College
"I was practically a God at this College for bringing ‘Better Grades in Less Time’ to our campus. What a program! It practically sold itself. We had a full house. We learned that our students will make time if they think it’s worth their time."
John Broughton
Student Development Director
Western Wisconsin Technical College



Garrison Cohen is an award winning presenter, film-maker, and seminar leader. He delivers his message with an energizing presentation style!



Comments from some more schools . . .

"Garrison Cohen's performance was very energizing and his use of comedy to break up the stereotypical lecture paradigm was great. I also felt the way you got the audience to participate was awesome. The topic is so needed at the university level that is should be part of all freshman orientations."

Michael , University Programming Executive Chairperson, Student Government Association, Edinboro University, PA

"Garrison’s upbeat personality stimulated students’ interest and participation. Garrison’s entertaining and lively program and his ability to connect with the students . . .
Alan Weintraub, Assistant Dean of Academics, Westport High School, MA

"Garrison Cohen was such an engaging presenter! Many of the students who attended the program doubled their reading speed. Personally, I was able to triple my reading speed with full comprehension by the end of the program. I spoke with many of those who attended the program who continued to discuss it for weeks afterwards. We are thrilled that we booked him again for September."
Sherri Nickel-Milstone, Director of Residence Life & Housing, Worcester State College, MA

"The students and staff were very impressed with the effectiveness of the reading techniques demonstrated during the presentation."
John Newburn, Principal, Fairhaven High School, MA

"Excellent presentation! The positive comments written by audience members following the presentation speak more eloquently than I could of the positive impact of the information shared through the program. We were pleased to have high quality material combined with a high quality presentation. We look forward to your return."
Carol Dawson, Activities Program Specialist, College of Lake County, IL

"We were thrilled to have Garrison Cohen as art of our fall semester convocation series. His presentation was ‘high energy’ and very entertaining. There was much substance to what he gave the students. Reading speed were dramatically increased in many cases as was comprehension."
Neal L. Cox, Director of Public Relations/Assistant to the President, Southern Utah University, UT

"Garrison Cohen was an energized and informative speaker. He has a dynamic presentation. We feel this program would be beneficial for anyone and everyone who has ever wanted better grades."
Jennifer K. Lommler, University Program Council Lectures, Central Missouri State University, MO

"The dynamic presentation was well regarded by many of the students. One student commented that it was not only informational, but fun as well!"
Cathy Barkee, Director of Student Activities, Oregon Institute of Technology, OR

"Students who attended the program found it to be extremely rewarding and wanted to know when you were coming back. Word about the presentation spread rapidly and students who did not attend were calling and coming by my office to ask questions. Not only is the presentation informative, but enthusiastic and entertaining as well."
Margaret Gonzales, Campus Life Coordinator, New Mexico Highlands University, NM

"On behalf of the Oregon State University Memorial Union Programs Council, I would like to thank you for your outstanding lecture. The lecture was upbeat, interactive and informative. The audience participation was outstanding and evidently the audience retained and applied the knowledge that was given. Attendance for event was outstanding. 450 chairs were set up in our ballroom and at least 50 more were added."
Antonette Advincula, Education Director, Memorial Union Programs Council, Oregon State University, OR

"A truly fun and interactive presentation to assist with the increased reading requirement of a post-secondary institution. An amazing number of students turned out for the presentation and had a great time learning and practicing new reading skills. Students’ evaluations of the program indicated a 100% positive outcome. The best results over the next few days for those who took the challenge and have truly better reading skills and grades. It is great to find a presentation that remembers to make learning a fun activity at a high academic level."
Patricia A. Pratz, Coordinator, System for Student Success, Laramie County Community College, WY

“We had one of the biggest turn outs for a lecture all year! Through his energetic and humorous presentation, Garrison kept the audience interested and involved, all the while educating them. All in all the program was a huge success. Nearly every gave the program an “11” on a 1-10 scale and had nothing but praise for Garrison and his lecture. They found him to be inspiring with his “invest in yourself,” attitude. When asked, everyone agreed that the program should be back.
Jennifer Rafter, Lectures Chair, Student Activities Board, Seton Hall University

“The feedback from the students was all positive 9’s and 10’s. After the performance I had faculty and students approach me and comment on how they enjoyed themselves. They thought it was a great idea to bring this activity to the campus. I will strongly recommend your program to all 19 Penn State Campuses.
Cy Falatko, Director of Student Activities, Penn State, Hazleton Campus

“It was great to finally have an event that was STANDING ROOM ONLY. The students thoroughly appreciated Garrison Cohen’s fun way of explaining how to get “Better Grades in Less Time.” The things that were taught not only could help them develop intellectually but also were applicable to life in general.”
Cass Brucker, Director of Student Activities, Columbia College

“Garrison and Tuerack Training International were very easy to work with. The result of their efforts in helping us get the word out was phenomenal! Students were raving about the lecture after Garrison’s performance.”
Shana Warkentine Meyer, Assistant Director, College Advancement for Student Life, Kansas State University

“Our campus hosted exciting and insightful lecturer, Garrison Cohen. Garrison gave us a tremendously informational and professional lecture. He uses a combination of popular music, video, presentation tools and most of all, genuine interaction with audience before and after the event. I very highly recommend that you host Mr. Cohen at your establishment. He is an inspiration to work with.”
Stacy Plisis, Insights Coordinator, Campus Entertainment Network, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

“I have to share with you the success of this event. His (Garrison’s) presentation was interactive, lively and very funny. I rate this a 12 on a scale of 1-10! I hope that you will consider booking this event!”
Mike Taylor, Director of Student Activities/Orientation, Northwest College

“I am writing to inform you of a great show we brought to Muhlenberg. Garrison Cohen’s performance “Better Grades in Less Time,” was an interactive, informative and fun session in which more than 200 students attended. Garrison used his charisma, wit and flare to engage our students to think. I would highly recommend this as a program for any high school, college and university.”
Paul M. Hurd Jr. , Assistant Dean of Students, Muhlenberg College

“The session was a hit and students are already requesting Garrison back for next year! Besides being beneficial for students this presentation is very affordable and easy for any administrator to prepare. I was impressed with the company’s professionalism and the presenters ability to mix meaningful information with food, fun and money!”
Amy L. Coning, BEST Coordinator, Residential Life and Housing, University of Houston

“This is a wonderful idea. The speaker had enough humor and knowledge to keep everyone interested. We need to have speakers like this more during a semester.”
Kim Benfield, Director, Campus Activities Board, Georgia College and State University

“It’s so wonderful to hear students laughing and learning! I would have never believed, I could read so quickly and comprehend so much! I can’t believe I read 40 pages of economics in such a short time! Students evaluation of the program indicated a 100% positive outcome.”
Patricia A. Pratz, Coordinator, System for Student Success, Laramie County Community College

“We recently had a young man by the name of Garrison Cohen come to speak at our school and he was excellent. We had over 400 students come to this presentation! I highly recommend Garrison for an activity for your school.”
Tim Harris, Director, Student Activities, Richmond Community College

“I want to tell you about a program that was an amazing success on our campus. Mr. Cohen is a dynamic speaker with an interactive program that captivated the entire audience. Almost all the students in attendance doubled or even tripled their reading speed in just nine minutes!”
Mandy Confer, Vice President Development, Pan Hellenic Council, Ohio Northern University

“During this years orientation, we were fortunate to present the lecture, “Better Grades in Less Time,” by Garrison Cohen. Over the past few years I have read numerous reviews regarding the lecture and have been looking forward to the opportunity to bring it to our campus. The feedback from our students and Academic Dean was extremely positive. The speed reading technique is very affective and I’ve been using it ever since the workshop. Based on our students response, this may be something you’d like to bring to your campus. I’m planning to have the presentation again next year.”
Renita Garnett Satchell, Director of Student Life, Elms College

“The “Better Grades in Less Time,” presentation by Garrison Cohen has been a huge success. We have had the presentation at 3:00pm when most of our students are ready to head home, but they have stayed and filled our cafeteria for the presentation. The promotional information is outstanding, it really makes it easy to promote. Our staff and students highly recommend any college look into having “Better Grades in Less Time,” on their campus soon.”
Dave Fish, Student Development Associate, Western Wisconsin Technical College

“Very VALUABLE information!! Very FUN and INTERESTING! Garrison made very good use of humor that kept us going. It was a big success drawing 200 students and keeping them riveted to their seats for well over the 90 minutes posted as the program length. This was humorous, educational and kept our attention. These are three key factors I look for in a presentation. This program was so worthwhile that I wanted to pass on the enclosed information with my enthusiastic recommendations.”
Teri Blain, Assistant Program Director, Campus Programs, University of Illinois at Chicago

“I recently experienced a wonderful program. Our campus hosted an exciting and insightful lecturer, Garrison Cohen. Garrison gave us a tremendously informational and professional lecture. I very highly recommend that you host Garrison Cohen. He is an inspiration to work with.”
Kimberli Patrick, Director of Special Services, North Georgia Technical College

“Garrison engaged the audience through an interactive format that captivated, entertained and educated simultaneously. His high energy, comedy and multi-media presentation taught techniques for faster reading and more effective studying. Many of the students doubled their reading speed and commented afterwards that the two hours flew by. It was a sincere pleasure to have Garrison Cohen present.”
Shirley Deichert, Learning Center Director, Elizabethtown College

“It is with sincere pleasure that I recommend Garrison Cohen’s presentation “Better Grades in Less Time.” I am continuously amazed at the students’ reaction to the presentation. Time and time again students rave about how great the presentation is and how much they have learned. With Garrison’s enthusiasm and presentation style, it enabled our students to learn about bettering their study habits while still having fun. Garrison’s presentation has motivated and inspired our students to set their goals and take an active part in their education.”
April D. Bugarin, Activities Coordinator, Georgia Southern University

“Dear Garrison, I am writing to thank you for a job well done. There has never been a turnout as large as there was for your presentation. People are still coming up to me and commenting on how good the presentation was. Also, those who did not attend the presentation are coming up to me and saying that they wish they had. I was in disbelief when the whole audience at least doubled their reading score (my speed personally almost tripled) without losing comprehension. I cannot thank you enough for a great, enthusiastic, and most importantly educational presentation. We are going to book you again next year. Thank you once again."
Alessandra Roffo, SGA Vice President for Academic Affairs, Assumption College

“His presentation entitled “Better Grades in Less Time!” was a huge success with our students. This program was fun for all that attended due to the huge amount of audience participation encouraged by Garrison. He gave away prizes and improved our learning capabilities while motivating and challenging us to do our best each day. Tuerack Training International does all that it can to ensure that the program is a success on your campus. You get posters, publicity materials and ideas on how to spread the word about your program. This program is awesome and I would recommend bringing it to your campus.”
Lacey Benz, Social and Contemporary Issues Chair, Residence Hall Association, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point

“I highly recommend that you host Garrison Cohen at your school. His professional style and genuine interaction with the audience will have your students talking about his presentation for the rest of the year.”
Keneth J. Vybiral, Director of Student Activities Assistant, Point Park College

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