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Memory research is conducted at universities around the country. This research is mostly theoretical, and the results are often stated in technical language which is not easily understood. Researchers are interested in learning about our memory, but they are not interested in telling us how to apply the results of their research to improve our memory. They want to research for the sake of researching, getting famous, making discovery, or getting published. The information memory researchers have discovered has stayed in scientific journals, because nobody wants to read and re-explain the technical jargon. I decided to conduct a comprehensive review of this research, and looked into all the discoveries which have been made.

After reviewing this research, I decided that someone needed to translate this information into terms that we can understand. The findings were powerful, and I couldn't believe that no-one was giving this knowledge to students. I wanted put this information together in a way so that students could start using this knowledge immediately to help them with their school work. If you apply the scientific findings presented in this chapter and throughout this book, you will see, as I have, dramatic changes in your ability to remember, think, and concentrate. What you are about to learn is based on this research and extensive analysis of the discoveries made concerning the workings of the mind.

Research in the field of psychology has recently shown that we can gain control of the other 90% of our brain's capacity that most of us never use. There research is there, but because its stayed in sophisticated, scientific terms, so no-one ever decided to look at this information and use it until now. We are about to use this information for the first time.


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