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On The Edge: Living Life with No Excuses!™ 

Pushing Past Fear,
Taking Risk, and
Living without Excuses!

"The only difference between Death and Fear, is that Death kills us once,
Fear kills us every day of our lives."
                                             - Gary Tuerack

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Does fear ever hold you back? Does it ever keep you from living the complete life you want to? It’s time to tear down the walls of the "comfort zone"! In this explosive presentation, internationally known authors and sought after speakers Gary Tuerack will get you to live life on the edge.

During this 1-2hr presentation, you’ll be challenged to embark on a three day adventure -- a three day challenge where you break through your fears, take radical actions outside your comfort zone, surpass your limits, and maximize every moment to live your life completely.

"Most People Die When They're 23 and Aren’t Buried Until They're 70!"

~Benjamin Franklin



  • Every Moment is the Moment of Truth- the guiding point for living a life worth living
  • Your Time Ahead - planning your life ahead
  • Breaking Free - understanding our self-imposed limits
  • Killing the Comfort - exercises to break free from our controlling comfort
  • Maximizing the Moment - how to make the best use of every moment we have
  • Aiming for the Fence - when and how to raise our standards for excellence
  • Writing Your 3 Day Masterpiece - designing how to live a three day challenge
  • The Three Day Challenge - a challenge to live On The Edge for three days
  • The One Day Blowout - a temporary radical way to live which raises our standards
  • Boundary Breakers - exercises to break loose from our fears
  • Living the Life you Designed - gaining the inner motivation to stay committed

Enhance Your Earning Power

Gain Skills of High Achievers

Master Your Internal Motivation

Turn Fear into Power

Discover Your Purpose

Implement Your Vision


Highly Interactive Presentation with:

Multi-media, Music, & Prizes

Presenting at Over 100 Corporations, Associations and Colleges Each Year


Attendees become CLEAR on what they want to have happen.


Attendees SEE how it’s possible to attain the results they desire.


Attendees are motivated to TAKE ACTION towards these goals!


You’ll hear powerful statistics which motivate.

You’ll hear awe-inspiring stories which educate.

You’ll hear mesmerizing speakers who gets audiences to take action.


Gary Tuerack hits audiences right between the eyes leaving them inspired and ready to make a change. Gary was nominated and is the winner of the Best Lecturer of the Year from NACA and APCA because of his dynamic presentation style and high content presentations. Gary presents over 100 programs each year. Companies keep asking Gary back because of the power of his message combined with his engaging and entertaining delivery.

Gary Tuerack, when presenting On The Edge: Living Life with No Excuses™, receives top ratings on conference evaluation with numerous comments such as "Best Session Ever Attended" "Best Speaker at the Conference" etc. Buckle your seatbelts – because you’re about to live like you never lived before. In this session you will kill the fear that has been holding you back from living your life.

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